Hooking up on the train

3 April 2023
girl waiting to hook up on train

Hooking up with someone is the greatest thing. There are many pleasures in life: good food, great wine or beer and happy times with family or friends. Whilst those are all great, as are countless other things which I have not placed on the list here, there is a very special place in our hearts for hooking up with members of the sex that we are attracted to. There really is nothing like it at...

Get your hook up logistics sorted

24 December 2022
Place with good logistics

When hooking up with someone, it is really helpful to have somewhere you can bring the person back to in order to have sex. Sometimes you might hook up with someone and be able to go back to theirs… but you can not rely on it, and if the logistics are not in place, it can make the difference between a hook up that happens and one that does not! You also might find that some people are far more...

Top three things to text to your hook up if you want to do it again

30 October 2022

Adult dating can be somewhat of a minefield. The classic “boy meets girl” story that we see in all the films rarely plays out in the real world. It is a gross exaggeration of how easy and intense the whole thing is. It is never as simple as you meet someone and BAM that is it. There is a lot of manoeuvring, insecurity, lack of confidence in choices that are being made… ultimately at some point...

Hooking up at a singles event or singles night

25 August 2022
Singles night

Welcome to Hookps, the website where we help like minded individuals find others of the same mindset in order to adult date, hook up and have other relationships with no strings attached. Please note, this is not to say that things don’t sometimes progress to something more long term for indeed they do, but this is never the starting point. The idea is to go in with little to no pressure and...

Hook up’s gone wrong?! What to do if the condom splits.

30 June 2022
condom before it splits

Hooking up is one of the most fun things that a human can do. As creatures of nature, we are built for sex. Our entire bodies are geared up to encourage us to reproduce, giving us hormonal and happiness rewards whenever we find someone to hook up with. Modern-day society tells us that we have to hook up with just one person at a time and no more, but infact the body does not care! It wants to...

Hooking up at a night club

24 April 2022

Night clubs are great places to hook up. People are all out for a good time. There is drinking, dancing, revelry and fun. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to meet new people. The music is loud so it is more about communicating with the body, not the brain, and this can be a good thing when hooking up with someone. You are looking to make a physical connection with someone. You are looking...

Online hook ups have never been easier

7 February 2022

Welcome to hook ups, the website where we help like minded adults meet each other in order to date casually as consenting adults. Adult dating has been a growing trend in recent years, and whilst the various covid restrictions and pandemics that have taken place in the last couple of years have caused the ease of dating to be reduced, the number of people wanting to adult date has only...

The New Year Hook Up

1 January 2022

There are many times of year that are particularly ripe for hooking up. Valentines day is one of the most popular. When you go out on the 14th February and meet people, if they are not with a partner you can be 90% sure that they are single and that they are open to being approached. Valentines day serves as a reminder to all the single people that they are not having sex and that they are...

Hook up to fight the coming cold to stay happy

20 October 2021

As we head out of the warm summer months and into the coming cold months, life can get subtly worse. The cold can lead to an impact on our happiness that can go unnoticed. If unaddressed, it can result in a subtle reduction in our overall well being and happiness levels that, over time, can add up to quite the difference. In some ways, this is like a slow puncture in a car. If you are driving...

Global pandemic, bushfire fall out, now is the perfect time to hook up

11 August 2021

It may seem like a bad time to hook up. Our world is not in the greatest of shapes right now. The global coronavirus pandemic (which has affected not only Australia, the rest of the world) has put a real damper on things. Regardless of whether legally movement is allowed, and we are permitted to go to gatherings or social events, people are more nervous of doing it. There has been an injection...