Hooking up at a singles event or singles night

Singles night

Welcome to Hookps, the website where we help like minded individuals find others of the same mindset in order to adult date, hook up and have other relationships with no strings attached. Please note, this is not to say that things don’t sometimes progress to something more long term for indeed they do, but this is never the starting point. The idea is to go in with little to no pressure and no obligations, leaving you in a relaxed environment where you can get to know the other person with none of the nonsense that often causes stress and worry. Meet, have fun and if you liked it enough, do it again! If not, a hook up is always good because it is a hook up! Even if there isn’t a follow up it really doesn’t matter.

There are many places that one can hook up. Bars, clubs, any sort of party being a birthday party or a work event… but one place that many people don’t consider is a singles night. These can be great places to meet someone. With that in mind, here are my top tips on how to hook up at a singles night.

Understand the environment

The first thing is to understand the environment. Everyone there is single. All the usual steps that you might have previously had to take to ensure the person is available or interested go out of the window. You can just presume that they are up for it! This means that everyone is a potential hook up, remember that.

Go straight for the person you most fancy

There is a temptation to warm up into these things, perhaps by starting out with someone who is okay looking but isn’t your type. This is less scarey because there is no cost to failure, you are not that interested anyway… this would be a mistake. Go directly for the person you most fancy. Why?

- You might hook up with them, if you do you win!

- If you wait too long you are going to be fighting other people for their attention. Everyone there is single, so the competition levels are higher that a bar.

- Even if you don’t hook up with them, other people will see you talking to them and that will ooze confidence. Other potential hook ups are more likely to want to talk to you afterwards because you are already validated by hitting on the hot person in the room.

Go alone

As a final thing, go alone. It is a singles night, you are not there to hang with your mates. If you go alone, you are much more likely to have the time and focus to make it work. This is a solo mission, or a mission with another single wingman. Do not take a non-single friend!

Good luck have fun!