Top three things to text to your hook up if you want to do it again

Adult dating can be somewhat of a minefield. The classic “boy meets girl” story that we see in all the films rarely plays out in the real world. It is a gross exaggeration of how easy and intense the whole thing is. It is never as simple as you meet someone and BAM that is it. There is a lot of manoeuvring, insecurity, lack of confidence in choices that are being made… ultimately at some point you decide to jump and see where that takes you. Whether it “ends” well or badly, going somewhere is always more interesting than going nowhere, so it is always worth taking the jump.

Once you do “jump” you are likely to find yourself hooking up with someone. Whether for a long or a short time, eventually it will take place. The first time you do hook up with someone, whether that is a first time fuck buddy or if it is a long term friend that you have converted into a friend with benefits, you night find that you wake up the next day and would like to do it again. This doesn’t always occur of course, but if you do, then what is a good text to send? Bearing in mind that the thing to send if you don’t want to hook up again is, well, nothing! So that is easy! If you do you have to send something. If you are struggling to come up with someone, why not consider one of the following.

“You up?”

This is a nice, simple opening that is also just that little bit flirty at the same time. It could mean anything from “are you up” as in “awake” to “are you up for it” as in let’s have sex. It is also easy to respond to, so nice and low key for them.


This is good if you had a great time! Compliments always go down well… but don’t go with this if you are someone that take a few to get warmed up.

“I’ll give it to you, you are great in bed”

Again this is direct but more focused on their skill rather than their pleasure. So if you don’t think you hit their spot but they hit yours, this can be a really good approach.

So try one of those and see where you land!