Hook up to fight the coming cold to stay happy

As we head out of the warm summer months and into the coming cold months, life can get subtly worse. The cold can lead to an impact on our happiness that can go unnoticed. If unaddressed, it can result in a subtle reduction in our overall well being and happiness levels that, over time, can add up to quite the difference. In some ways, this is like a slow puncture in a car. If you are driving and your wheel goes, you stop and you fix it. The problem is big enough that you pay attention to it. However, with a really slow puncture, you can ignore it, but it slowly makes your driving worse, less efficient and eventually, you have to deal with it… but you might find you just fill it back up with air, never really fixing the problem entirely.

The increase in the cold is the same. It can exert a subtle reduction in happiness. This slight reduction perhaps means that you are a little bit more irritable, slightly quicker to anger or be upset, less generous with your friends and less forgiving with your neighbours. This in turn makes your life a little worse than it was before, but it is hard to measure, and easy to not notice. So how can we combat this?

Well, the first thing is to acknowledge it. Once you accept it is there and happening you can do something about it. Then take active action to balance it by making your life happier in other ways. One of those ways is by hooking up with someone.

Having a hook up or getting a friends with benefits organised for the winter is a fantastic way to fight the winter blues. Firstly, sex is a great way to fight depression. It releases happy hormones throughout your body, it is a workout that burns calories, it has been proven to release stress. Sex is fantastic. Secondly, the companionship of another human again has a happy effect on the brain. As humans, we do better when we are around other people. Thirdly as a bonus, having someone else in your bed with you physically makes the bed warmer! You aren’t as cold when you are snuggled up with another human!

So if you aren’t hooked up with anyone right now, consider having a hook up. At this time of year, it brings added benefits!