Hooking up on the train

girl waiting to hook up on train

Hooking up with someone is the greatest thing. There are many pleasures in life: good food, great wine or beer and happy times with family or friends. Whilst those are all great, as are countless other things which I have not placed on the list here, there is a very special place in our hearts for hooking up with members of the sex that we are attracted to. There really is nothing like it at all, it is just the best. You get to meet someone new for the first time, there is the whole tension of “will we / won’t we” that you get to go through. The courtship dance, which can take place over several weeks, days or quite often over just a few hours is never the same and brings new and interesting challenges and differences. It is so much fun. One of the best parts is that you can do it almost anywhere. You can hook up at work, from events and mixers you might go to, weddings are excellent locations… but you can also hook up in places you would not immediately think of. You can hook up on planes, whilst walking down the street and, yes, even when innocently sitting on a train! Want to give this a go? Well here is how to hook up on a train!

Never approach from behind

There is something that is instinctive about being scared of people that come up behind us. There is a negative emotion that is spiked. Never approach from behind, always from the front or side where the person can see you.

Make sure you can be heard

Trains can be noisy and therefore it can be hard to converse. Having to shout over noise is never going to go down well. Wait for the gaps, and if that means only talking when stopped at a train station, so be it.

Start by saying anything as long as you say something

What is important is not what you say, it is far more important that you say something, anything! 50% of the win is in taking action, so go talk to the person you want to hook up with even if you are not sure what to say!

Good luck!