Global pandemic, bushfire fall out, now is the perfect time to hook up

It may seem like a bad time to hook up. Our world is not in the greatest of shapes right now. The global coronavirus pandemic (which has affected not only Australia, the rest of the world) has put a real damper on things. Regardless of whether legally movement is allowed, and we are permitted to go to gatherings or social events, people are more nervous of doing it. There has been an injection of fear into our culture. Please understand, this has been for understandable reasons. The fact remains, that people are less confident about going out and hooking up at the moment. If you hook up with someone and they have COVID-19 you have a high chance of catching it from the. So, this would appear the be bad for timing. On top of that we still have fall out from the bushfires embedded within our psyche. Yes, most of the fires were put out months ago, but they were so bad that they left their mark both on the landscape but also in our minds and hearts as a real danger. So how is this good for hooking up? Allow me to explain.

Danger = higher hook up rate

As humans, when we feel that we are in danger, our sex drive goes up and we are more drive and likely to hook up with someone. It makes sense, if we think we are going to die, we want to procreate whilst we still can and pass our genetic seed on. Whilst the modern world provides a level of safety and protection that has not been seen in some time, if our brains think there is a danger, we want sex. Here is the thing, the combination of the previous natural disasters and the ongoing threat of the coronavirus means that everyone wants to have sex more than before. It affects everyone, those single and those not single. Even if we consciously know that this is happening to us, it does not change that it is happening. It still works! That is the beautiful thing.

So this means that now is the perfect time to hook up. Not only are more people looking for a no strings attached relationship than ever before, the sex will also feel better because everyone’s hormones are increased. So if you were thinking about hooking up this year, don’t wait till Christmas, do it now whilst things are still in the best place for it.