Hooking up at a night club

Night clubs are great places to hook up. People are all out for a good time. There is drinking, dancing, revelry and fun. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to meet new people. The music is loud so it is more about communicating with the body, not the brain, and this can be a good thing when hooking up with someone. You are looking to make a physical connection with someone. You are looking to kiss and see where that takes you. In a nightclub, that is what everyone is looking to do and it is a great place to hook up as a result. There is an element of the poor disco lighting meaning you might roll over in the morning and find that the person that you are waking up next to looks somewhat different than the person appeared to look the night before, but this is one of the natural hazards of hooking up in a night club.

Hook ups in night clubs can be great, they do tend to have a short-term life span. You don’t really share anything with the other person other than the physical attraction that was generated that night whilst out. Whilst it is possible to get lucky and find that you share other things as well, and if you sleep with enough people then eventually you will get lucky by the laws of probability, generally speaking the likely outcome is that you may not have much in common to see you through more then a few nights together. If you are looking for a friends with benefits relationship this doesn’t really matter of course, but if you are also looking for something to last a while, either as a hook up with “potential” or a regular f-buddy you can call on in the future this may not be the best place to find someone. The exception to this is of course threesomes or anything of the kind. Due to the physical nature of the hook up in a night club, they do become someone you can booty call for that kind of thing. In that case, the fact that this has a half-life is an advantage that makes it more liklet to come through as the other party know that they can just walk away afterwards.

Night clubs are great places to hook up. If you haven’t been to one in a while, you should consider popping along!