places to hook up

Hooking up at a night club

24 April 2022

Night clubs are great places to hook up. People are all out for a good time. There is drinking, dancing, revelry and fun. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to meet new people. The music is loud so it is more about communicating with the body, not the brain, and this can be a good thing when hooking up with someone. You are looking to make a physical connection with someone. You are looking...

Your dog will help you hook up, but don't get cockblocked by your cat!

7 September 2018

When it comes to having sex, having pets can be both a blessing and a curse. They can go a long way to helping you find your fuck buddy, they can help you have a hook up or get laid, but they can also turn out to a huge cock block that will prevent you from getting the sex that you deserve. Here is some advice on how to use your pets to get laid.

The dog opener

Walking a dog is...

The only thing you need to hook up in a bar

17 May 2018

There are loads of ways to find a hook up these days. It used to be the only way was in person. Now you have all sorts of methods. The internet has exploded, and meeting people online has become a big way of doing it. There are specialist hook up sites that specialise in it. There are phone apps that tap into all your Facebook information in order to create your profile for you, and will use...

The best films to watch to hook up

19 April 2018

It is generally traditional that when you are meeting for an evening as part of a hook up, you disguise this by saying you are meeting up to do something else. Examples include meeting for dinner, a theatre show, a concert. Personally, I have never understood this, I think that there is something sexy about saying “hey honey, want to hookup?” However, the tradition stands, and who am I to...