The only thing you need to hook up in a bar

There are loads of ways to find a hook up these days. It used to be the only way was in person. Now you have all sorts of methods. The internet has exploded, and meeting people online has become a big way of doing it. There are specialist hook up sites that specialise in it. There are phone apps that tap into all your Facebook information in order to create your profile for you, and will use your friendship information to help you find a fuck buddy that will stick around. Some of them even use your location information to find other people in your location that are looking for the same thing as you. You can be out, and your phone could hook you up with someone on the other side of the bar that you have never even spoken to! Technology has come a long way to helping people find hookups more easily than ever before.

Sometimes however, the best way is the old way. The old school approach of going out of a night and finding one in person is one that will never pass, and one that I am confident will be around forever. There are some really nice advantages to this, namely that if you don’t like the person you can move on to someone else instantly, which is far removed from the “meet one girl a night” approach that internet dating brings. So if you are out on a night, what is the best way to hook up with someone?

Talk to everyone

This really is a numbers game, so you want to widen your pool to as big as it can possibly be. Talk to the girl at the bar buying drinks next to you, talk to the girls that you see when you first walk through the door, talk to the girls that you happen to pass as you are on the way to grab some bar snacks. Just talk to everyone! The more people you speak to, the more you chances you have. Each person you speak to is like buying a lottery ticket, and you only need 2 balls to have sex!

This literally is the secret to it. Some people think there are other more important factors. They do make a difference, but they are not the bottle neck. It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how swuave, how nice you smell or how much you have refined your “chat”. If you never meet or talk to anyone, it is over before it begins. If you talk to everyone, then you are on to a winner!