Your dog will help you hook up, but don't get cockblocked by your cat!

When it comes to having sex, having pets can be both a blessing and a curse. They can go a long way to helping you find your fuck buddy, they can help you have a hook up or get laid, but they can also turn out to a huge cock block that will prevent you from getting the sex that you deserve. Here is some advice on how to use your pets to get laid.

The dog opener

Walking a dog is a great way to meet women. It is clichéd for sure, but that is because it is so effective. When you are walking a dog, it does multiple things. It gives other people an excuse to come and talk to you. They can ask about the dog, pet the dog, want to take a selfie with the dog… the list is pretty endless! It also goes the other way, you can talk to them using the same type of excuses. The dog also acts as a way to attract people, especially if it is a cute fluffy thing that is friendly! I knew someone who trained their dog to go up and be friendly to specific people! He would point, the dog would run in with its lead trailing and be all cute and fluffy, then the guy would run in and pretend that the dog ran off on the lead, and would offer to thank the woman by taking her for a drink! It was shockingly effective! Dogs are great!

The cat cock block

Cats on the other hand are not going to help you get laid. You can’t take them out for walks, you can’t use them to start conversations… your cat is a terrible wing man! They are no good at all! What cats can do is cock clock. They can be really possessive. If you have had a hook up, or you have your fuck buddy over for the first time, just as you are getting down to it and the clothes are starting to be peeled away from bodies, a cat can come running in and demand attention. That can really throw things! I have even heard of a cat that has scratch the woman! She did not become a long term friends with benefits after that incident, it destroyed the whole seduction process.

So use you dog to get a girl sure, but if you have a cat make sure you close the door before having sex with your fuck buddy, you don’t want them to mess it up for you.