The best films to watch to hook up

It is generally traditional that when you are meeting for an evening as part of a hook up, you disguise this by saying you are meeting up to do something else. Examples include meeting for dinner, a theatre show, a concert. Personally, I have never understood this, I think that there is something sexy about saying “hey honey, want to hookup?” However, the tradition stands, and who am I to argue with it. It is strange that this still happens with fuck buddies and friends with benefits. I have never worked out why.

One of the classic things to do before hooking up with someone, before sleeping with someone is to curl up and watch a film together. This is a good choice. You are in the house already, so the venue for the sex. It is inexpensive, gives you lots of physical contact time without having to talk or make conversation, and if the film turns out to be terrible, you can just kiss your way through some of it, before ignoring it entirely in lieu of removing each other’s clothes piece by piece. Not all films are made equally though. So here are my top films to watch when you want to get laid!

Early Hook up: Something stupid that you can talk through.

In the early days you are still getting to know each other. You want to maximise your interaction, whilst still using the benefit of the film providing the stimulous so that you don’t have to be creative in making up material. A stupid film is *perfect* for this. You can talk through it, take the piss out of, talk about the characters as it happens, debate it, argue over it then kiss and make up. Early days, go stupid every time. My suggestion: Role Models

Regular Hook up: Go action!

This is the point where you know each other enough that she is not always bothering to wear the sexy underwear and he is going to the gym less. Go action film. It is fun, it is easy to watch, you don’t really talk through it, but that doesn’t matter since you are established by this point. At the end of it there is always a feel good feeling which you can ride all the way to the bedroom.

Long time Hook up turning into a relationship: Something old!

At this point you want to remember the good times, so go nostalgia. Watch a film 10 years old that reminds you both how you felt 10 years before… then cash in on it with sex that reminds you of back then!

So choose your film with care – it can make a huge difference to your sex life!