how to hook up

Hooking up for the first time

31 January 2020

Hooking up is one of the greatest things that you can do. When we seek pleasure or enjoyment, most things in this world cost money. Whether it is an expensive holiday like a ski trip, or a more modest night out drinking, you still have to exchange money for pleasure. When it comes to having sex, hooking up costs you nothing! It is astonishing that one of life’s greatest pleasures costs you no...

How to hook up like James Bond: Hook up tips for men

2 December 2018

We all want to hook up, and why shouldn’t we? Sex is one of the most natural and enjoyable things that you can do. If more people were having sex, we come one step closer to world peace! Why make war when you can have sex, right? For those men out there that are having trouble hooking up, who at this point are finding themselves going home alone rather than with a girl on your arms, the simple...