Hooking up for the first time

Hooking up is one of the greatest things that you can do. When we seek pleasure or enjoyment, most things in this world cost money. Whether it is an expensive holiday like a ski trip, or a more modest night out drinking, you still have to exchange money for pleasure. When it comes to having sex, hooking up costs you nothing! It is astonishing that one of life’s greatest pleasures costs you no money at all!

If you are in a time in your life when you haven’t hooked up for a while, you might be telling yourself that it is not really that great, that actually it is not all that. You would be lying to yourself. A good protection mechanism against sadness when we do not have something is to tell ourselves that we do not want it. This does solve the issue of longing and envy, but in reality, this is not the truth. So if you are not having sex right now, instead of lying to yourself I strongly advise you to go and solve the issue. Go and hook up with someone.

If you have never hooked up with someone, you might find the thought of trying to make it happen a little intimidating. To help out with that, this is my guide on what to do when hooking up for the first time.

So, if you have never hooked up with someone, you are in two possible place. Either you have had sex before but not gone out and had a casual hook up, or you have had sex before but not a causal one. If you are the former, all I can say to you is the only way to get over it is to have sex. This guide is to help people find someone to do that with, so if you want to lose your virginity, a hook up might be one way of doing so. Ultimately, my advice is the same regardless of your situation in this regard.
The main secret to hooking up is to accept that is what you would like as a result of the evening. By going out *knowing* that you are looking to hook up means that your brain will be on the look out for someone that you can hook up with. It will do most of the work for you.

The thing that will hold you back is fear. This can come for all sorts of reasons, fear of rejection if you try to hook up with someone and they say no, fear of not knowing how to handle the situation or what to say, in some cases you may even be fearful of success and what to do if they do want the hook up you are offering them! There is only one way to deal with this. Feel the fear, do it anyway! Just push through. There are techniques and things you can do to help you push through, which I will not cover in this article, but you have to just do it anyway. Once you have done it, you will give your mind a referencing point of doing it without negative repercussion, and that will reduce the fear for next time.
So go hook up, you won’t regret it.