keeping this exciting in the bedroom

Get your hook up logistics sorted

24 December 2022
Place with good logistics

When hooking up with someone, it is really helpful to have somewhere you can bring the person back to in order to have sex. Sometimes you might hook up with someone and be able to go back to theirs… but you can not rely on it, and if the logistics are not in place, it can make the difference between a hook up that happens and one that does not! You also might find that some people are far more...

With hookups, a change is as good as a rest

2 November 2017

As humans we are creatures of routine and patterns. For us to feel safe, secure and happy most of us need some level of routine. It makes us feel secure, makes us sure of where we are in life and what we are doing with ourselves. I wonder if this is a run off from when we were nomadic, and when a lack of food could kill us. Back then, a solid routine that resulted in food was a crucial life...