With hookups, a change is as good as a rest

As humans we are creatures of routine and patterns. For us to feel safe, secure and happy most of us need some level of routine. It makes us feel secure, makes us sure of where we are in life and what we are doing with ourselves. I wonder if this is a run off from when we were nomadic, and when a lack of food could kill us. Back then, a solid routine that resulted in food was a crucial life skill! Varying a working process could result in no food, and death! I wonder if a lot of the people who experimented too much simple bred themselves out by getting themselves killed. So most of us need and like some routine. And here comes the but…

Too much routine can kill the sex

That’s right. If you always have sex on a Thursday night after she gets back from spin class and you get back from a poker night, that can start to become a little too routine. If you always have sex on that Thursday in missionary position, with the same foreplay and the same sequence, this really is going to eventually become a little stale, and eventually you will find you are no longer having sex on any day of the week! So how can you find excitement in your sexual life? The answer lies in mixing it up!

Start small – change sexual position

This is the easiest thing to do. Change sexual position. If you usually go missionary, go doggy style. If you are usually on top, time for her to ride you. Changing this is quick, easy, and will wake both of you up! So pop your fuck buddy where you don’t usually have her!

Change rooms

This is an easy fix. Switch the room you are having sex in! This is a bigger change. Do it without telling her for added feeling of spontaneity.

Change partners!

This is the sure fire way to completely rejuvenate your sex life. Sleep with someone else. It changes everything all at the same time. Maximum effect – but also takes the most effort to organise.

Three’s a crowd… or is it?

Why not invite a friend along. This is the perfect way of changing partners, for both of you, whilst still having sex with each other. Only way to know if you like it, is to try it!