Why hooking up feels so good

Hooking up with someone is one of the most pleasurable things that you can do. It doesn’t cost money, it doesn’t require any kind of qualifications or special skills. Everything that you need to be able to do to hook up with someone is hard-wired into you as a human. No matter how rich or poor you are, you can hook up and have the time of your life!

So why is hooking up such a pleasurable thing to do? Why is it that sex and intimacy are something that we are naturally driven to seek, and when we find it, what is it about sex that makes it so good? This has been the subject of a huge number of studies and research projects both formally and privately. In this article, we are going to focus on the effects of the body, but before we look at that, I want to acknowledge the extremely important social aspect. As humans, we all seek external validation to some degree. Some of us need a lot of it, a small minority of us need very little, but we all naturally look for it, and when we find it, it brings with it a huge pleasure. Having someone hook up with you is one of the most validating things that you can do with another human. It sends a message to you form this other human that you are such a worthwhile person, this person not only wants to spend time with you, but they also want and trust you enough to want to be intimate with you. Having sex is a hugely intimate activity, and it requires trust and desire. This can raise your self-esteem and send a clear message to you about your self-worth. This is such a big part of hooking up that I had to bring it up first. Now on to the body!

When you hook up with someone your body responds to the excitement. The genitals become flushed with blood ad the sensitivity in these areas, which makes sex more pleasurable. As you move on to having sex, you can hit a plateau where everything becomes even more sensitive and your arousal intensifies. This can go up and down like a wave… I strongly encourage you all to ride this! If you ride it right, you will hit orgasm, and this is where the body goes through huge muscle contractions. From this height, you will, in your own time, relax back to how you were before you started having sex. This can be a wonderful place to be, relaxed, sated, happy!

The entire journey that you take can be intense. It draws on both your brain and body to fuel the experience, and this is why it is so good. So many things in life use either the body or the brain primarily…. But sex and hooking up uses both! Thus you have the capacity to have an experience like no other!

So that is why it is so good… now you know the theory it is time to put it into practice… go forth and hook up!