Hooking up is the best way to start a relationship

When most people think of looking for a hook up and looking for a relationship, generally they do so by thinking about things very separately. When most people are actively looking for a relationship, a lot of them actively avoid hook-ups! In most people’s minds, a hook up is not a good way to begin a relationship, and a hook up is very unlikely to lead to a relationship. If this were true, they would be wise to avoid hookups in order to spend their time and energy on prolonged dating. The same is true for those trying to avoid a relationship. People looking for a hook-up generally assume that a one night (or several nights) stand is all it is going to be. They assume that it will never lead to a relationship. I am here to tell you that both of these people are wrong. In reality, not only can a hook up move to a relationship, I am going to argue that a hook up is the best way to start a relationship.

In a relationship, most people are looking for a best friend. Someone that they can love for the long term, someone who is going to have their back in the short and long term. However, they want more than this, or we would al just get together with our best mates. They are also looking for someone with which to share a sexual passion. If you are in a monogamous relationship, this person is the only person you may sleep with for many years, perhaps for all your years! Thus, it is important that you are sexually compatible. There are people that have fallen into situations where they find themselves in long term relationships with someone who is sexually incompatible with them. They then have 2 choices: stay in a sexually frustrating relationship or walk away from all the investment into the long-term relationship. This is a hard choice. The best way to avoid it? Start with sex.

If you begin with sex, you can be sure that the sex is good. If you begin with the passion, with the desire to rip each other’s clothes off and do naughty things to each other, then start with that locked in safely for the rest of your relationship, no matter how long it lasts for. As you grow into best friends, as you begin to support each other in all the many “relationship” ways that happen over time, you will always be able to tap into the passionate sex that you started with. This will keep you both happier for the long term.

So if you are looking for a relationship, consider starting with a hook up. It works!