Being buff will get you laid once, being positive will get you a hook up again and again

When it comes to hooking up, having a fuck buddy, or a no strings attached relationship, looks do matter. That is not to say that they can hold you back, no far from it. Everyone wants to have sex and get laid, and that means that no matter how you look, you will always find some who’s personal preferences and tastes mean that you are their type. People want things of all shapes, sizes and colors, so in your case no matter how you look, someone out there is looking to hook up with you!

That being said, looking a certain way will get you more attention overall. In the sexual market place, looks really do matter, and if you are fitter, buffer, and more healthy then you are going to get laid more. You will have more people wanting to sleep with you purely on how you look. So being buff will get you more fuck buddies for the first meet up than others. However, all that can change for the 2nd or 3rd meet up.

Most people will sleep with someone for the first time to “see what it is like”. The whole “I’ll try anyone once” is a reality. Having them come back a second or more importantly the crucial third time is where things get tricky and your looks start to go out the window.

No matter how good you look, if you are miserable to be around, people aren’t going to come back. As a guy, let’s say that you have the perfect “V” shaped upper body, super buff shoulders, arms like Popeye and a 6 pack ripped set of abs to go with it all. This is going to get you laid hard the first time. If however, you are a bit boring, depressing or just have little to say about yourself or what you do, are they really going to want to come back? Unless the sex is literally mind blowing, they are going to get, well, dissatisfied with things. People tend to want to have sex because it makes them happy, because it drives them to enjoy their lives more. Spending time around a positive person is part of this.

If you are a positive person, people will just want to be around you more, it is as simple as that. If you sleep with someone, they are much more likely to want to come back, because as well as the sex, they get to spend time with you on top of it. This is a powerful tool in hooking return visitors.

So as well as your body, work on your general well being. If you are healthy and happy, people are going to want to be around that, and you will hook up more often and more easily.