Turn tedious time into hook up time!

There are so many times in our life when we are just killing time. When we are sitting wasting time, or waiting for something to finish, start, leave, or arrive somewhere else. We are also a time starved generation, often feeling like we don’t have enough time to do this, that, or something else. This is most certainly true of dating and sex. Finding time to message people, chat to people we fancy or even go on dates is hard. It doesn’t happen as often as it should or we would like. So how can we improve things? Time to take the tedious dead time of waiting, and turn it into hook up time!

By the time that you make it back to the bedroom, you have already won. Sex is going to happen, you both want it, it is on. All you have to do is enjoy yourself by this time. Where the seduction happens is in everything that takes place between first seeing a girl/guy and getting them to the bedroom. The introducing yourself, the getting to know them a little, the flirting, the comfort building, the small light touches of a hand to a shoulder or a knee that become more and more inappropriate till it is clear that your body and their body both want the same thing. All of this is what you need to find time for, and luckily for you, all of this is stuff that can be done during multiple times in your life that are currently considered “dead” times.

Waiting at the bus stop:

Next time you are waiting at a bus stop and you see a girl or guy that you think looks like a potential hookup or fuck buddy, go over and talk to them. You would otherwise just be standing there wasting time, so instead go over and connect. Start the process of finding out who they are, flirting, talking to them about day to day stuff whilst giving the odd light touch to the shoulder or arm. Suddenly by the time you ask them to meet up with you, all of the “date” type process has been completed. You will find you move very quickly from a date to the bedroom, or possibly even jump the que straight to take away sex!

On a train:

Trains are brilliant, because everyone is moving whilst staying in the same place! They are bored, they want something to interest them, so this is your chance. See someone you like, go and start the seduction process. Talk to them, flirt with them... you get the idea. Use this perfect otherwise dead time to make distance on seduction.

It is all disposable

The best part of doing this, is that it is all disposable. Talk to someone and they turn out to be uninteresting or they don’t like you? No big deal, you were there anyway, you have lost nothing by talking to them, you move on. There may even be a turn over of people, so new people arrive to replace the ones that didn’t click with you.

The main thing – go for it!

The big thing is to just go for it. Don’t try and be super interesting, or super amazing or anything like that, just do something and talk to start with. It is amazing what a difference this first step makes, because 95% of other people won’t take it, putting you in the top 5% of the hookup market place!