Snowboarding Sex (ski sex counts!)

Sometimes in life, we just need a break. This is normal and we all know this, it is why we take regular holidays, and we “go away” for a time. Here in the UK we generally go to Europe for our holidays, and getting laid and having sex is an important part of a good holiday. There are many places that we can go that increase our chances of getting laid, and some places that are perfect to hookup. There are some classic holidays that do this. Ibitha remains a big hook-up joint, the Netherlands is a great place to go (though you may end up paying for it!!), and there is recently the growth of the Europe “bus tour”. This is a bit of a non-stop tour around Europe on what can only be described as the “sex bus”. You basically go from town to town getting hammered, and hooking up with various other people on the bus! It is a good blow out if you need one. Personally, I think that the best place to get to find a hook-up is on a ski holiday.

Firstly these are not the cheapest holidays, but if you book it right, you can get the whole thing for a week including everything for around £600. Bear this in mind!

The daytime
Snowboarding and Skiing is so fun! It is one of the most fun things you can do in my humble opinion! You spend your days out in the sunshine, surrounded by mountains and clean, crisp, white snow. You are working with your body, and there is something about doing physical activity that helps the happiness hormones – it is why dancing is so much fun! You have hot drinks at lunchtime in the sun, and the day couldn’t be better.

The evening
This is where you hook up. Firstly – don’t wait till night time. People are tired, they often want to crash early. The best time to pull is at 4:30/5:30. Everyone is still on a huge happy vibe from days skiing, they are pleasantly filled with the buzz of the day, and one drink will go straight to their heads due to the increased hormone levels… just like you are! You are both ripe, and ready to meet each other.

Focus on saying hi
You don’t have to work hard, just focus on saying hi, meeting them in the first place, the rest will do itself.

Close the deal with logistics
This is where most people fail. You need to get her back to yours / she needs to get you back to hers. Offer to escort her home/ offer her a hot chocolate at yours. If you don’t ask, it won’t happen.. but all you have to do is ask!

Boom! That’s sex!!!