How to hook up with someone you work with

When it comes to hooking up, it can take place at any time, any place or any point in your life. Sometimes it happens because you are on a mission to hook up with someone. Whether you are driven by hormones, hornines, or the desire for someone else in a way that can only be sated by having sex with someone else, if you are on a mission to hook up you are much more likely to be able to do so. In life, having a clear idea of what you want is the best way to help manifest it. Since having consensual sex is always a win-win on both sides, deciding that you want to hook up and finding someone to hook up with always a good thing! That being said, people don’t always know that they want to hook up when the hook up happens. So many hookups happen because you happen to meet someone and BAM it is not that you want to hook up generally, it is that you want to hook up with THEM specifically! This can happen around a mates house at a party, it can happen whilst drinking out in a bar, it can even happen when walking down the street! The one place it happens quite often, is at work.

We spend more time at work than in any other single place, at least whilst conscious! This means that whether you like it or not, the place where you work is where the majority of your social interactions take place. It is where you connect with people and where you take your social yardstick to measure your own success. It is also the place where you might meet someone that you want to hook up with.

When you see someone in a bar you want to hook up with, you can just go up to them, be clear about your intentions, and if they are uninterested neither of you has to see each other ever again. This is not the case if you hit on someone at work. So here are some tips on how to hook up with someone that you work with.

Firstly, do not be direct in the first moment. You are going to see them every day, so you can afford to stretch the seduction over time. So use that time to your advantage.
See him/her every day. Find a reason to say hi.

Flirt. You want them to get to the point where they enjoy the interactions, but also that they feel better about themselves whenever they get their daily hit of “you.”
Do NOT make an obvious move in the office space. They have their professional face on and they will be unlikely to want to drop that, so not at work.

Arrange to meet outside of work. A bar, a night out, almost anything as long as it is away from the office.

Be bold and make your move! It is easy to think that the backlash from a failed attempt will follow you at work. Ask yourself this, what is going to make the bigger difference to your long term happiness? Your work or your partner? Often the answer is the latter, and if it is, be bold! If the answer is the former, jack out now!

Remember to have fun! People want to hook up with someone that they will have a good time with. If you are having a good time, so will they, so enjoy yourself.

Good luck! Remember, no matter how it turns out, you only guarantee failure by not trying, so if you take action, consider it a victory.