Hooking up for a second time? Passion spiking kissing games

Hooking up for a second time? Passion spiking kissing games

The first time that we hook up with someone, there is little need to do anything to spike passions. The first time that you are with a fuck buddy or the first time that you establish a friends with benefits relationship, the newness of it all brings all the rush that one needs. It is the first time that you are touching each other, tasting each other. It is the first time that you break through the boundaries of what is physically acceptable between the two of you. There is little need to add any extra “spice” into the mix, it is already spicey merely by being new.

In your second hook up that can change. That you are meeting again indicates that you enjoyed hooking up and you want to do it again. This demonstrates a fundamental compatibility between the two of you. However, you may decide that you want to spice things up a little. A great way to do that is with some kissing games!

The chocolate/strawberry kiss

Place a chocolate, strawberry, or other sweet piece of food into your mouth. As you kiss the person you have hooked up with, pass the chocolate or strawberry from your mouth into theirs. You can take it further by passing it back and forth as you kiss! A chocolate is especially good because it will melt in your mouths as you kiss, allow it to dissolve into the kiss as you carry it out. What could be sweeter than that?

WARNING: check your hook-up isn’t allergic to chocolate or strawberries before you do it!!

The blindfold kiss

Research has suggested that dopamine in the body is higher in humans when we are in anticipation of rewards than when we actually receive the reward itself. This means that the thought of a kiss coming in is more powerful, chemically, than the kiss itself. Blindfold your hookup and tease them with the coming of a kiss. The kiss will be all the more powerful when it happens for your hook up having had to wait for it.

Mirror kissing

We all have preferences. Since this is only the second time that you have hooked up, the person you are with has not had time to learn yours. Accelerate this with mirror kissing. Kiss the person in the way that you most like to be kissed. Then have them describe how it felt. They then have to try and mirror your action and kiss you back in the same way.
Swap sides.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect! So remember that there is no substitute for kissing. A lot. Your hook up will love you for it!