Hooking up is healthy

There are all sorts of great reasons to hook up. You are out on holiday, and you want to add to the adventure of the holiday. You meet someone and the vibe is just there, the best thing to do is hook up there and then whilst the window of opportunity is open, for it may never come again. You are super stressed out and need a release, there is no better solution that hooking up. What most people don’t realise, is that hooking up is actually really healthy for you! It is a great thing to do, and in this article I would like to take you through why.

Stress relief

Orgasming is one of the greatest releases of stress that one can have. It is such a build-up of tension and such a release at the end, that the release nearly always carries with it all the other cares, worries and tensions that the body has been holding the whole time. The process of having sex brings you fully into the moment, everything else drops away, and when you do finally come, you can even shout, scream, or do anything else that you feel like doing to let everything go. In the high stress world that we have come to live in, this is especially powerful.

The body – Great exercise

When you hook-up with someone, it is excellent exercise for the body. Sex is a whole body experience. All the muscles are engaged and are curled and ready for release. Your heart rate goes up, you build up a sweat, you burn loads of calories whilst doing the dirty, and at the end of it all, your body gets to rest and relax.

The mind – Being present

When you are hooking up, your mind comes to focus purely on you and the person you are hooking up with. When you are having sex, it becomes completely consumed by what you are doing there and then. This processes of being fully present, fully in the moment, is exactly what you need to do for a healthy mind. It is so good for you.

The hormones – releasing happiness

Sex releases lots and lots of hormones that are really good for you. They make you happier, healthier and ready to face the world. Studies have shown you are better able to fight illness and combat stress and anxiety. You are a healthier person after a hook up than you were before.

So hook up, it’s healthy! Doctors orders!