Hooking up in a different country

When we hook up on our own turf, when at home, we know what we are doing. We speak the same language as the other person, we know the area, we have usual haunts were we might take the person for a drink or some food, we know where to go to meet those people in the first place or we have active subscriptions to websites that will help us to meet that person (this website being a great example of that). When we are travelling however, as many Australians do, how do things change? Being on holiday is one of the best times to hook up with someone. You have the time to do it, you have that buoyant holiday vibe, you are out for a good time and hooking up is one of the most fun things you can do! So what are the things to bear in mind?

It is easier to hook up with other tourists.

If you are hooking up with another tourist, backpacker, holiday maker or even someone on a business trip, like you they are in the “away from home” headspace. They are also likely more up for a good time with no strings attached. They are also likely to be more happy and upbeat than usual, and they are likely looking for the same things as you, they want to hook up. This makes them a much easier target, so bear this in mind when you are choosing who to talk to. This knowledge can also be used when choosing the places you go. If you go and hang out where other holidaymakers are hanging out, you will more likely meet someone like yourself, and thus are more likely to hook up!

Learn to improvise

Not knowing anything about the area does not mean that you can’t still lead, or show your worth by making strong decisions, you just have to learn to improvise. Invite them to have a drink at somewhere you have never been before. Decide on the spur as you see something to go visit it or do the thing they are offering. Be bold with your choices!

Fortune favours the bold

You are on a time limit. You are only there for a short time, you both know that, so be bold. They will also sense the closing window of opportunity and will be open to things moving more quickly than they usually would do so. So be bold and escalate faster than usual.

Remember, you are on holiday, so have fun!