Hook up this May and June 2021

Welcome to the Hook ups website, the place where we can help you find someone to hook up with. The best part? That person is also desperate to hook up with you, which is why they are here! It really is the ultimate win-win situation. So in this article, I would like to talk about all the reasons why the months of May and June 2021 are the perfect time to hook up with someone.

Firstly, I think it is important to remember what it is we are talking about. When we say “hook up” or “hookup” we are talking about this in the strictly adult sense. Hooking up is to have a consensual, sexual adult meeting where two (or more) people engage in sex. The key thing about this sex is that it comes with no strings. A more traditional relationship involves winning and dinning, it involves having to support people through hard times, watch films and movies that we are uninterested in, it means having to spend time with the other person’s friends and family that we personally have no enjoyment in doing. A hook up comes with none of these expectations. When you hook up with someone, it is just a hook up, nothing more. You don’t have to run errands to help get food to feed the cat, you don’t have to help out fitting cupboards, you have had a hook up and that is all. Hooks up are fantastic, and more people should be doing them!

So why is May and June the perfect months to hook up with someone? The season is perfect. We are coming into the end of Autumn and into the very start of winter. Things are cooling off and not as hot anymore. The summer brings with it a surge of hormones that make people want to have more sex, but it does not drive them in the way that the possibility of missing the window does. As humans, it has been proven that we are more driven by the fear of loss than by the prospect of gain. This means that the fear that we are leaving autumn and heading into winter, which is traditionally the driest season for sex, actually drives people to make hay whilst they still can. They want to hook up more than ever because they *think* that soon it will be harder. Now we both know that in reality, this is not true at all, but thinking it makes it so. This means that May and June are some of the easiest times to hook up with someone.

Best of luck with your endeavours, and remember, whenever you hook up with someone, they also go to hook up with you, so it really was the win-win.