Great and worst first date tips for a hook up

When you are first hooking up with someone, there is a chance that you met them in person. You bumped into them in a bar, or at a party. You liked them so you chatted them up, and maybe even kissed them or hooked up with them that very same night. Whether you did or not, in person meetings like this mean that a follow up “date” is very easy.
For other hookups, you may have met them online. This is increasingly how it is being done by people. The shift towards the internet has been huge, and more and more people are meeting people online rather than in person. This involves having a first meeting often called the first “date.” The word date is odd, because it comes with the assumption that you are looking for a long term relationship, which is often not the case these days, especially given the growth of the adult dating world. However, regardless of what you call it, you have to meet them for the first time. Here are some good do’s and don’ts of this first meeting.

Do not over do it!

I have a friend who used to lavish his first dates with the experience of wealth, luxury and a high level of a good time. At his peak, he once took a first date on a champagne helicopter tour of London… then wondered why they didn’t want to have a second date with him.

I understand where he was coming from, he was trying to be James Bond, to be Mr super smooth and fantastic from a film. His issue is that the girl is wondering what is wrong with him? Why is it that he feels he has to spend all this money to impress a stranger? Is he that insecure? He did get some one night stands from it, so hook ups were achieved, but there was never a second meeting. Do not over do it.

Better to err on the side of caution.

The safest approach is coffee. It is low key, low cost, and says nothing about you either way. James Bond drinks coffee as much as the next man! This also means if there is no spark you can leave after half an hour, or move it to a second venue, then to dinner, then back to yours. It is the perfect open book.

So keep it low key for the first date on a hookup, and raise the game from there.