Even more reasons why women want to hook up with you

Hooking up is one of the most fun things that you can do. It is light hearted, easy to do and nearly always ends in you having a good time. With all the extra time that various people have had during the reduction in work that the coronavirus has caused, there has never been a better time to hook up.

Men and women want to hook up for all sorts of reasons, and they are not always the same. In this article I would like to talk about the top reasons why women want to hook up with you!

It is fun

This may seem obvious to you, but actually it remains one of the main reasons that a woman will want to hook up with you even though it is rarely the reason that we first think of nor is it often the reason that we most readily accept. Having no strings attached sex is super fun, and the best part is it doesn’t have to be anything more than that. Just fun! So be open to that, maybe when you meet a girl and she is looking for a good time, maybe all she really is looking for is a good time and nothing more.

They are in the heat of the moment

It happens to us all, and when it does, it can be fantastic. Women sometimes just get caught up in the heat of the moment. They have a rush of hormones and they are in a certain state and a certain place and BAM they hook up! Often you might ask a woman afterwards and they might say “oh it just happened”. They really mean it. If more people lived in the heat of the moment I think we would all have a lot more fuck buddies in our lives!

It feels great

We are ultimately creatures of pleasure, driven by the desire for happiness. Hooking up feels great. It is exciting, it is living in the moment, and the sex is usually at least good if not great. There is an adventure that happens when you hook up, it is not just about the sex but the journey to the sex. Hooking up can even make people feel like they are a film character! Hooking up feels great because it is great!

So remember, women want to hook up just as much as men do. So get out there and meet someone!