Death increases sex drive

If you in a situation where your body thinks that it is in danger of death through lack of resources, it will immediately start to conserve its energy use. It wants to survive, it is built to survive, so if there is a lack of resource it will pull back its consumption. So for example, if you have ever been on an extreme diet or fasted, you will find that your sex drive diminishes. As soon as your body thinks that there is a lack of food, the last thing it We live our lives as if we are immortal. As humans we do not like to think about death, especially about our own death! It makes sense, we have to retain a sense of positivity to be happy and productive, so we shove the concept of death to the backs of our minds and we don’t think about it. This has a positive effect in many ways – we would otherwise spend our days down and depressed! It also has some negative aspects, and an embracing of this as a reality could really help our sex lives. Allow me to explain.

Potential death through lack of resources reduces the sex drive

wants to do is bring off spring into an environment where there isn’t enough food to go around. So it is important that you keep up a good calorie intake to keep a good sex drive. However not all death perception causes this – infact it can cause the opposite!

Potential death through circumstantial danger increases sex drive

It has been shown however that perceived danger of death through circumstances can increase the sex drive. If you survive a car crash, or another “danger of death” situation, go and have sex immediately afterwards, because you will seriously have an amazing time. It has been shown through testing that meeting someone in a situation that is dangerous increases the amount that you are attracted to the other person – it has nothing to do with them, it is your body taking over! It quickly wants to procreate, because if you die before you have had sex and gotten someone pregnant, then you will die without passing on your genetic seed! You don’t have to think about this, it is hard coded into us.

How you can use this

Remember, there just has to be a perception of danger, and you can tap into this in all sorts of ways. Go to a theme park and ride the crazy roller coasters, go do a parachute jump tandem with your fuck buddy, or even go do something that feels dangerous whilst having sex itself, like sex in public or sex in a lift.

If you want to adrenaline spike your sex life – adding danger in is a great way to make this happen.